Friday, August 31, 2007

Did I Mention...

that it is hellishly hot and miserable here! I am so irritable and cranky and sick of the heat that I can't even find words.
The second week of school went off OK. I guess. My daughter (her third week) ended up coming home sick today. She was running a low grade temp this morning, tried to convince her to stay home, but she called me at lunch and was ready to come home. She has been in bed...literally, since she got home. I have taken her water and checked on her, but mostly she has been laying in bed feeling miserable. That's what we get for living in the middle of the Almond capitol of the world! We have almond orchards surrounding our house, so the clouds of dust (it's harvest time) are crazy. So, she developed a bit of a sinus infection, I believe. Then, there's C who got dehydrated and was trying to get a UTI. Love the little cuties. They stress me to the moon, though.
I have been asked to teach a crochet class to the junior high students at our school. Which I readily agreed to, but, I didn't know I would have to speak at a rally in front of ALL of the middle schoolers. AAAAGH! The only thing I hate more than climbing really high poles and jumping off, is talking in front of pretty much any group bigger than 10 to 15 people (preferrably sitting at a table with coffee or an adult beverage). It pretty much bit the big one. But, I survived and I know at least one person will sign up for my class (thank you, Hannah).
At the moment I am sweltering and wishing for spring or fall or any weather than doesn't involve triple digit temperatures. I took the kids to La Comida for dinner, gotta love any place you can feed 3 teenagers, a 7 year old and an adult for $25. We have made it a weekly institution, I just don't always feel like cooking, go figure, it's only like 185 million degrees outside, with like an absurd amount of humidity going on, and we have a swamp cooler, so...I'm whining. Did I mention that I'm irritable and cranky too? To add insult to injury, I will be 36 soon, ugh. On that note...did I mention that I'm irritable and cranky?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I took my boys up to the ropes course that I accomplished. I was hoping to impress them with the bravery I exhibited. My 10 year old was completely unimpressed. He thought it would be fun and that it wasn't that high. Humph. My 7 year old was just ready to leave because there were "too many sticks", and the 13 year old just had to go to the bathroom. That is my life.
I am totally excited about showing the kids something, and my daughter totally blows me off, she needed to wash her hair or something, and the boys just don't follow through with my dreamy expectations. Such is life. They were much more impressed with the Oreo McFlurrys and the stop at a park. All in all, I did have a nice day with my boys.
I went on a date with my two other boys, I know scandalous, to the races. I love to spend time with them, especially now when they aren't completely embarrassed to be seen with me. They really take care of me.
My daughter wants to take me to A Taste of Chico for my birthday. I think it's sweet, but I am wondering what friends are going to be tagging along. I suggested the Chico State Rock Climbing wall. I think I'm addicted to that darn harness thing from the ropes course.
Actually, I am so amazed at what I was able to push myself to do, even now two and a half weeks later. I can't say I enjoyed the fear. Our music teacher at school says, "Which one is my left?" just about every time he sees me. I must explain...when I was climbing on the dinner plate on top of a telephone pole, the instructor guy told me to lift my left foot. I was so incredibly freaked out that I couldn't remember my left from my right. So I yelled out, "Which one is my left?" I know, I kind of made myself sound brave in my last post, that must have been the adrenaline...really I was terrified and couldn't remember which was my right or left. I also said bad words a few times, shh.
I must say that not only do I feel stronger from this experience, but I feel closer to my fellow coworkers who attempted the stunts and cheered us on. I think I'm going to have to stop talking about it though.
Well, the boys have homework and I must resume my mommy duties.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I am amazing!

I can't believe, still, that I did it!
Today, I attended a ropes course with my co workers. I work for a school, and our principal signed us up for a ropes course for team building. I was way less than thrilled at the prospect of climbing ladders and falling and all that stuff. I went with much trepidation.
I DID IT!!!!! Me, the person who has to constantly overcome fear. The one that always worries more than anyone else about the impossible possibilities. I climbed a tree with another person, stood on a cable leaning forward with my hands on his shoulders and his hands on mine, and we took a step. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever done in my life. I did it though. Then we were billeted down.
The second "station" was we had to climb a pole and stand on a dinner plate sized disc at the top of the pole. I had to turn around, then JUMP off reaching for a trapeze. I DID IT!!!! It was more frightening than anything I could imagine, (up until today and the group jump thing we did).
I truly conquered my fears. I didn't wimp out and not do it, because I was afraid. I cowboyed up, so to speak, and I did it! I still can't believe that I stood on top of a telephone pole with nothing underneath me, my life in my four co workers hands as they billeted me down. I can't even put into words the feelings that are still here, two and a half hours later. I think I need to see the pictures to believe that I really did it. It just feels so surreal. I was able to overcome fear. I won. The fear did not win. I did!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

He's 13

Thirteen years ago right now I was looking down into the very red face of my newborn son. I can't believe that thirteen years have passed. I can't believe that he is on the cusp of manhood. I can't believe that it's only been 13 years...
August 4, 1994, I was five days past my due date, and I had an adorable little 19 month old girl. I woke up on the fourth with a ton of things to get done. I needed to clean house and go grocery shopping, I needed to get the laundry done. So much to do.
That evening, as I sat trying to work out in my mind all that I needed to get done I went into a sort of panic. I realized that if I went into labor in the middle of the night, I needed someone to call to come watch my 19 month old baby. My One Tru Love was less than helpful. He got mad at me for panicking and left me. I was having regular yet very far apart contractions, and my instinct was telling me that our baby was coming. In his defense, he was 23 and getting ready to become the father of two.
I couldn't sleep that night in our bed. So, I slept on the couch. I woke up at 3:45 with cramps that wouldn't go away. I timed my cramps, and they were like 3 minutes apart. This was my first labor as my daughter had been delivered by planned C section. I woke up My One Tru Love, and he asked me how far apart my contractions were, I didn't want to freak him out, so I lied. I told him they were about 5 minutes apart. He told me to call his mom, then asked me to make him some coffee, because he wanted to take a shower. I did exactly as I was told, I even brought him two cups of coffee in the shower before his mom got to our house. By this time, I knew that the baby was coming and coming today.
We drove to the hospital, and he thought it would be fun to run all of the red lights on the Esplanade. We got to the hospital and my contractions weren't easing up and were getting closer and closer and closer. I couldn't walk to the Maternity ward, they were too close together.
We got set up in the room and as I laid on the bed I felt an audible pop. My water broke! We had arrived at the hospital at about 4:45 am. I was in hard labor from when my water broke until the wee boy was born at 9:20 am.
At 9 am I felt the urge to push. I was told to wait, then my baby began to decel. His heart rate was going way too low for way too long. My doctor ran in, he started talking really fast and using words like "Stat" which I knew were four letter words. I was scared. My One Tru Love was scared. I had on an oxygen mask and was rolled to my right side, then my left side, then back to my right side, all the while being prodded and poked and told not to push. I was terrified. They finally let me push, and things got worse, he called for the vaccuum extractor, I don't remember or have blocked out all the trauma to my nether regions at this point. All I remember is that my little baby's body was pulled from my body, blue. No reaction to light, no crying, the doctor turned and passed him off to the nurse, and My One Tru Love was pushed behind the bed and not allowed near our new son. Tubes were stuck down his throat and they suctioned stuff out (there was meconium in the water). I started to bleed. They took out the baby and My One Tru Love followed. They kept telling me that I had a beautiful son, and that he was doing much better now, (his first APGAR was 1, second one was 5). I had completely disassociated myself from all that was happening. I got a shot of something to stop the bleeding, the placenta wouldn't detach, and I hadn't seen my baby yet.
Finally, they laid my perfect little boy in my arms. He had all the parts he needed, 10 fingers, 10 toes, a perfect 7 lb, 11 oz, baby boy. He had a really bad bruise on his head from the extraction, but, other than that, he was doing great. He latched on and nursed like a champ. He was amazing.
Thirteen years ago right this moment (8:30pm) my husband's grandma called me to tell me congratulations, her remark when I answered the phone, "I knew E would be too tired from all of the excitement of the new baby so I didn't want to disturb him, so I called you." She was so funny. I was the one who worked so hard to have the baby, but poor E might be tired. Hmm.
T today is a healthy, vibrant, loving boy, who I really can't believe I ever held in my arms and nursed at my breast.