Monday, September 17, 2007

Pour some sugar on me!

OH MY GOSH! I got to go to a Def Leppard concert!!!! It was so much fun! A friend won tickets and had extras and gave them to me and another friend so we could go! We had so much fun! Not only did we see Def Leppard, but we saw Foreigner and Styx too! OH MY GOSH! I think I screamed that so many times Friday night. What a blast.
I sang every Foreigner song, didn't know too many Styx songs, and scream/sang every Def Leppard song. I just can't say it enough times, it was so fun.
Then, the weekend (is there a such thing?) began. My 7 year old had a soccer game and pictures at 10 am. Then, my daughter wanted to go to the mall. Then, I had to take her to dance class, and then meet her downtown as she was dancing with the Pub Scouts. Then, off to the bowling alley, I had promised my 7 year old we'd bowl...he really enjoys it!
Then Sunday, was cleaning the house and trying to make a dent in the laundry.
Did I mention that I think I began having a mid life crisis (at 36...oh I mean 29?). I think I'll save that for another post, when I've thought through the many things floating around in my head.
Suffice it to say, the highlight of my weekend was the concert. I wish I could go again this weekend. No, I think that my friend and I will go Xtreme bowling...I'll let you know.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Oh! What a Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, the 5th, was my birthday. I am 29 (for the 7th time!). I had the most amazing day.
I woke up at 5:30 as I do every morning, and shuffled to the computer to check my email, and catch up on any overnight news. Really, it's how I give myself an extra 10 to 15 minutes to wake up. Hanging on my computer was a sign, it said, "Good Morning, Sunshine! Are you ready to go hunting?" Then I turned it over and it directed me to the refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator, and there is another card with instructions to look in the pantry. I looked there and found the instructions leading me to the oven. There I found a beautiful card that my daughter made for me. She is a budding photographer, and had taken a picture of a telephone shaped bronze music box that we inherited from my husband's grandmother. I can't describe the beauty of the picture. Inside was the gift of a pedicure given by my daughter. I cried. Happy, touched tears.
My boys woke up and told me happy birthday. My One Tru Love FORGOT. We went to school, I dropped the boys off and decided to treat myself to a decaf frappucinno and a cinnamon roll. I got back to school, my son C's class was lined up outside of his classroom, I didn't pay much attention, and as I walked past them, they broke out in song. Happy Birthday...of course. It really made me smile. As I made my way to the office, every student and staff member wished me a happy birthday. I figured my boys had been busy. NO. The principal announced at flag salute to give me a hug and wish me happy birthday.
I got pretty much 430 hugs. I loved it. It was great. My good friend Trish brought me a decaf iced mocha (it was so delightful). A 6th grader organized the K-2nd graders lunch to sing to me. The middle schoolers sang to me. It was so moving. I really felt loved and happy all day.
My One Tru Love was reminded that it was my birthday, and he made a rush purchase at a day spa for a massage for me. Which I am completely excited about. All in all it really was such a wonderful day.
My "adopted son" (my son T's best friend who calls me mom) got me a cute little teddy bear holding a heart saying Love is Mom and the sweetest card. I was truly spoiled like I've never been spoiled before.
As a mom, T.A. and yard duty supervisor (I know, such a fancy title), it's easy to feel unappreciated and unnoticed. September 5th really showed me that I am appreciated, loved and that I have touched the lives of the kids I work with everyday.
I have to say that I woke up that morning, feeling pretty low. Just one of those mornings, I drug myself out of bed, tired, and just not anticipating a day of work, and I was rejuvenated over and over. Truly, what a beautiful day!