Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Randomness at it's Finest

I'm tired. I have a headache. And Tricia guilted me into posting again. ARGH.

No really, if not for Tricia I probably would forget about blogging all together.

The new job is going well. I am very busy all of the time. I like it. I'm loving the money. I can't complain.

The kids are doing well. M had his eyes screened for the 2nd grade vision screening and the nurse suggested that we visit the eye doctor. Which we did (because we have insurance thanks to the new job) and lo! and behold, the little man needs glasses. He has and astigmatism in his left eye and his vision isn't so hot in his left eye. So, hopefully, specs will help him see better and will help him with his reading. My eye appointment is December 5, I already know that I have an astigmatism. My eyes have been bugging me more lately, since I am at a computer all day. So, I am sure that I will be bespectacled after the 5.

Thanksgiving was OK. We had a fabulous morning. Erich and I took the boys to upper park and hiked Monkey Rock and then headed over to Bear Hole and hiked around there. It was a beautiful day here, and we actually got a little warm with all that exercise. We had a nice meal with my in laws. I only had to make mashed potatoes. Not to strenuous.

Friday after Thanksgiving I met my high school best friend for breakfast. I had a nice time with her. I seem to only see her on the big holidays when she's in town to visit her parents. Of all of my friends from my younger years, she is the only one who consciously makes an effort to keep in contact.

After breakfast, I raced home to pack all the kiddies and myself and I drove up to my parents house in Shingletown. We ate another Thanksgiving meal and relaxed and enjoyed each other's company.

Saturday my dad had the boys cutting wood and stacking wood, they had fun, and I didn't have to do it! Then we went to see Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I fell asleep. What can I say. If I sit still too long, the eyes, they get heavy. I couldn't help it. I've always been that way. I fall asleep even during movies I really want to see. I just can't stay awake if I get too still. Oh, well, it was a cute movie.

We then headed into town to look at the lights in downtown Redding. It was amazing. A man there has taken his own time and money and decorated a block of downtown Redding. There is a toy store, Santa Claus, Christmas music, a huge Christmas tree every inch lighted. I took M to sit on Santa's lap, who was a very neat man, I might add. He spent a good 5 minutes talking to M. It was the first time M had been to visit the jolly old elf. I know, he's 7 and I'm a bad mom. At least we made it before he was 14.

Then Sunday was back home and to laundry, a bit of Christmas shopping, and real life. Monday we were back to school and work.

The break went very fast. But, it was nice. I am not ready for the challenge of Christmas shopping, because it just doesn't seem possible that Christmas is a mere 27 days away. Ugh. The shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the parties, the goodies, the I ready? Then to top all of that off my mother in law sent me a form to fill out for everyone in my family (the kids, me and Erich) she emailed me the form as an attachment to an email. It is the "Gift Giving Personal Profile" To be filled out and emailed to all pertinent gift buyers. Such things included on the profile are size, (shoes, shirt, pants) color preference, hobbies and interests.

Here's my beef, she is my children's grandmother. She lives 2/3 of a mile away, why doesn't she know her grandchildren well enough to just Christmas shop for them? Why do I have to take time out of my busy day to illuminate her on the likes and dislikes of her grandchildren? Besides, Erich is her SON!!! Doesn't she know him well enough to purchase a Christmas gift for him? Holy $%*(!!!

Anyhow, onto the Family Tree project for 2nd grade. I guess I have to help M write down our family traditions, and on Dec 12 I will be making the most difficult cookie to make! So he can take it to class. That's the kind of mom I am.