Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not so Merry Christmas

So far not so good with the Holidays.

Last Saturday, as Erich and I were finishing (or trying to finish) our Christmas shopping, we got the dreaded call. One of our children had gotten hurt and we needed to come right away. Rose called, she was on her way to the scene. All we knew was that Clay had cut his leg. That's it. Amazingly enough, it took us mere minutes to get out of the mall and through the mall traffic and make it to Degarmo park, where our son was. I called Rose on our way, when I was sure she had time to evalute the seriousness of the situation. She told me that she thought that Clay may need some stitches. We got there, and sure enough, Erich and I agreed stitches were in order. 11 to be exact. First (and I'm sure not last) skateboarding injury.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. We made it the 2/3 of a mile to my in laws for dinner. We ate some hors d'oevres, and were just starting to get things on the table, when my mother in law announced that she needed butter. I told her we'd run home and grab some, since I had alot. Successful journey home, then, as we were crossing the intersection on a green light a white truck turned left in front of us, and just like the All State commercial, WHAM! We were in a serious car accident. No one was hurt, but the cars were totally disabled. We had to call 911, I was terrified. All I could think, this can't happen on Christmas Eve! We were only going 2/3 of a mile! Our Bronco (Thank God we were in the Bronco) was munched and possible totaled. Had we been in the Contour (our small car) I would have been seriously injured or even killed, we hit so hard, I haven't been in many car accidents in my life, and never one as bad as this one. It was terrifying. As I type this, I am experiencing the panic feeling in my chest. That feeling that won't go away. All of the what ifs...It's the most awful feeling. I have had no appetite for all of the wonderful holiday food. I have bruises on my hips. Bruises I look at and am so thankful I have. Had it not been for the seat belt and those bruises, I would be in either the hospital or worse yet...

I am so thankful that no one was seriously injured, bumps, bruises and the customary sore muscles, but all in all we both are OK. I got to celebrate the season with my children.

The shear fragility of life (even though no one was hurt) is so apparent to me right now. Seriously, we went to get a pound of butter 2/3 of a mile away. In less than 30 seconds everything could have been gone. I hugged my children tighter, I realized just how important each person in my life is. I have so taken for granted my parents, my children, my friends, the blink of an eye changed my whole world, for I do appreciate my family, my friends, all that I enjoy because of the glimpse I got of what could have been.

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